Blogs, Podcasts and Videos on Science, History and Nature

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Science brings the Universe closer, history is from where we came & nature gives essence to our world. I talk about them all, from the Big Bang to today (not necessarily in that order), a 360 look at life, the universe & the history of everything.

About 360 on History

Hello fellow nerds! Welcome to my knowledge portal providing FREE content on science, nature, history, and climate. From the Big Bang to today, I take a 360 degree look at life, the universe and the history of everything. My objective is to promote science, history and environment knowledge; and I cover all the latest news and discoveries around these topics. Here you will find extensive content, such as blogs on ancient civilizations, videos on space missions and podcasts on the melting Antarctic ice. Check out for all of the content.

Blogs, Podcasts, Videos on Science, History and Nature